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Weather in Scandinavia

Summer brings with it new things to do, new events and new attractions in each of the Scandinavian countries. But what can you expect from the local weather?

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Customs Regulations & Rules for Iceland Travelers

Customs regulations in Iceland easily explained for both EU and non-EU travelers. Find out which goods are allowed through customs in Iceland, what the Icelandic duty free limits are, and how to bring your pet to Iceland.

Vacation Rentals on the Faroe Islands

On the Faroe Islands, one of the best ways to both enjoy your trip is by staying in a vacation rental - a rental cottage or a privately owned house or apartment. Rental agencies and residents alike rent out cottages and local homes to tourists.

Vacation Rentals in Scandinavia

Vacation rentals in Scandinavia are fully furnished apartments which are a great alternative to an expensive hotel. Today, these vacation rentals are gaining popularity. In Scandinavia, there are countless places where you can find these homes.

Vacation Rentals in Greenland

Vacation rentals are a great low cost option if you want to be independent and self-sufficient, staying in a cottage or house on a weekly basis. Greenland, part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is the world's largest island.

Vacation Rentals in Finland

Finnish vacation rentals are usually in the form of cozy cabins and cottages which offer privacy and amenities like any modern home, available for rent on a week-by-week basis. Many are available with added amenities such as a sauna or a pool, but will be a bit more pricey than vacation rentals without these amenities.

Vacation Rentals in Sweden

Vacation rentals in Sweden come in many forms. With such a diverse landscape, there are a plethora of options to choose from, such as staying in the heart of the city or getting a relaxing vacation rental in the country.

Vacation Rentals in Denmark

Vacation rentals in Denmark are a popular way to save on accommodation costs and let you have your own place as a traveler. Vacation rentals in Denmark come with all the utilities except in most cases bed linens.

The Weather in Denmark

Find out what weather patterns and temperatures to expect in Denmark with this guide to average climate and monthly temperatures for each month.

Vacation Rentals in Iceland

Are you looking for a cozy house to rent during your vacation in Iceland? Somewhere private and homey? When it comes to vacation rentals in Iceland, you do have some options.

Vacation Rentals in Norway

Vacation rentals in Norway are a great option for travelers. If you are looking around for vacation rentals in Norway, you are in luck.

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