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Tipping in Iceland - Scandinavia Travel - About.com
Tipping in Iceland is done in a different way. Find out here how tipping in Iceland works and how much of a tip you should leave in Iceland.
Tipping in Norway - Scandinavia Travel - About.com
Tipping in Norway is done differently from other countries. In Norway, tipping is common and you leave tips in Norwegian restaurants, give tips to taxi drivers and  ...
Tipping in Sweden - Scandinavia Travel - About.com
There is no obligation to leave a tip in Sweden, and gratuity for service charges like hotel staff or hairdressers is already included in your total bill. Tipping is not ...
Tipping in Spain Survey - Spain Travel - About.com
Some time ago I wrote a blog about tipping in Spain, in reaction to an article on the BBC about tipping in Spain which myself and my colleagues and friends in ...
Tipping Etiquette and Guidelines for Restaurants - Culinary Travel
Tipping is one of the first etiquette challenges you'll encounter when you're a traveling foodie. What are the guidelines for the size of the tip you leave for your ...
Tipping on Cruise Ships - About.com
Tipping on a cruise ship has to be one of the most discussed topics about cruising. When do you tip? How much do you tip? Whom do you tip? These questions ...
When Is Tipping Expected in the UK and How Much to Tip
Everywhere I go the rules or "etiquette" of tipping are different. I've heard that tipping is included in the bill in the UK? Is that true? And if it isn't, how much should ...
Tipping in Finland - Scandinavia Travel - About.com
Tipping in Finland differs from other countries. Find out here how tipping in Finland works and how much of a tip you should leave in Finland.
Tipping in Denmark - Scandinavia Travel - About.com
In Denmark, tipping isn't common - all service bills that you receive already include gratuity, and it is unnecessary (but always appreciated) to add a tip in ...
Tipping and Gratuity Etiquette in China - China Travel - About.com
Do you need to leave a tip in China? Find out all about tipping.
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