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Vikingespil - The Viking Plays & Viking Markets in Frederikssund, Denmark


The Viking Play & Market in Frederikssund

Vikingespil Frederikssund

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About the Vikingespil (Viking Plays):

Vikingespil (Danish for "Viking Plays") is the annual viking theater in Frederikssund, Denmark. This event is the most well-known and longest-running cultural play in Denmark and also offers a Viking Revue show and two Viking Markets. Performances at this even take place each evening for two weeks, beginning around the summer solstice in Scandinavia.

Each year, a different play based on viking folklore and mythology is performed by over 100 members (adults and children of all ages) of the viking community in Frederikssund....and mead (Mjød, the viking beer) can also be purchased.

Visit the Frederikssund Viking Market:

The Frederikssund Viking Market has become part of the Viking Plays. You can find the Viking Market on Kalvø near the town of Frederikssund. There is a northern market with stalls, food and beverages and souvenirs. The southern Viking Market by the Viking Camps is a "historically correct" market. This is one of the best shopping area for Viking crafts on the Danish island of Zealand.

The Viking Camp:

The life of the Vikings can be witnessed in the authentic Viking Camp on the "Viking Peninsula" Kalvø. Free guided tours of the Viking area are offered in the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Admission to the Vikingespil:

To the Viking Plays or the Viking Revue show, adult event tickets cost DKK 140 (around US $28 / £14 / €18), tickets for children from 6-12 are DKK 45 for the Viking Plays (no child discount for the Viking Revue show). Children under 6 are free at all events. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the Vikingespil Website.

Location of the Vikingespil, Viking Market & Viking Camp:

The location for this annual viking event is the "Viking Peninsula" of Kalvø, near the town of Frederikssund in Denmark. You can find Frederikssund about 42 km / 26 mi north-west of Copenhagen. From Copenhagen, drive on road 16 and then on road 207 to reach Frederikssund. It's about a 45 minute drive.
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