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The Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


Every year in late October, visitors and locals flock to the Copenhagen Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which is a major film event in movie theaters (cinemas) in the Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus, and in Malmö, Sweden.

The Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (also known as "CGLFF") takes place each year in mid-October.

This annual 10-day event for all GLBT is the longest-running film festival in Denmark and offers unique entertainment in the form of memorable international short films, feature movies, as well as interesting local documentaries. Most films and shows are in English, not just in Danish!

Other parts of the Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival you can attend are an award event for the films, meet & greet with the GLBT producers, or lively discussion groups.

The Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival's website is located here: Official CGLFF Website, where you can find current schedules and ticket information.

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