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Common Prayer Day or Day of All Prayers

About the May holiday in Denmark.


Copenhagen Harbor

Copenhagen Harbor

In Denmark, Common Prayer Day, or Day of All Prayers, is a public holiday in May. Common Prayer Day is always on the fourth Friday after Easter. Most businesses remain closed that day.

Denmark has been celebrating Common Prayer Day since the 1600s when King Christian V combined several similar religious holidays into one "common prayer day", which gave this annual holiday its name.

Typical traditions for Common Prayer Day in Denmark include eating warm Danish bread, walking along the harbor in Copenhagen, and the tolling of the bells in the evening.

Fun Fact: This public holiday isn't found in the other Scandinavian countries - only in Denmark. Common Prayer Day (in Danish: Store Bededag) is also celebrated on the Faroe Islands (in Faroese: Dýri biðidagur) which belong to Denmark.

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