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Viking Moot - The Viking Festival in Aarhus


Viking Festival - Viking Moot in Scandinavia

Viking Festival - Viking Moot in Scandinavia

Sarah Moore
I have no doubt that any Denmark travelers out there will enjoy the Viking Moot festival as much as I do every year. The historical Viking Moot festival takes place on the last weekend in July every year, and the location for this annual event is the Danish town of Aarhus.

This viking festival is Scandinavia’s largest - and it's easy to see why. Vikings and non-vikings alike can experience a historical market like Scandinavian history when it happened, and watch traditionally clothed craftsmen, traders, warriors, and viking-style riders.

Besides 25,000 visitors, this annual event attracts countless performers from Denmark, the other Scandinavian countries, and even the British Isles.

The highlights of this Danish event, in my opinion, are the warrior fights and the riding shows, which you can come to see at 12 pm and 3 pm.

The Viking Moot festival is free, so you will not need tickets. It is hosted by the Moesgård Museum in Aarhus, a major attraction in Aarhus.

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