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The Lantern Festival in Helsinki, Finland

Ending the Chinese New Year in Finland


Helsinki Lantern Festival

Helsinki Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival in Finland concludes the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Finland and is an annual event 15 days after the Chinese New Year, held in Helsinki.

The Lantern Festival in Finland's capital is also called Shan Yua. It officially ends the Chinese New Year celebrations with a big bang. Admission is free!

The Lantern Festival is an event celebrating spring and the arrival of light. This annual festival in Helsinki offers visitors an interesting peek into Chinese culture. It's an event for all ages with entertainment, lots of lanterns, authentic Chinese rice dumplings and music.

You can find Helsinki's Lantern Festival event at the International Cultural Centre Caisa at Mikonkatu 17 C, Helsinki. For upcoming event details, see the official City of Helsinki website.

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