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Stockholm Pride (Stockholm Pride Week)


The Stockholm Pride Week (annual GLBT event) in Sweden.

The Stockholm Pride Week (annual GLBT event) in Sweden.


What is Stockholm Pride:

Started in 1998, the Stockholm Pride week is now the highlight of the year for many gays, lesbians and transgenders. It is the largest event for GLBT in Scandinavia. There are lots of international performers and guests, many activities, events and entertainment. The end of the week is highlighted by the Pride Parade in central Stockholm, with thousands of spectators. This annual event takes place in late July and lasts until early August. (In 2008, the Stockholm Pride was also EuroPride 2008.)

Activities at the Stockholm Pride:

All gays, lesbians, and transgender can find something suitable in Stockholm at this time of year. Select from interesting seminars, debates, workshops, exhibitions, film and theater, other performances, along with music events with international stars and well-known bands. And don't forget to go to the colorful Pride Parade (center of Stockholm) at the end of Stockholm Pride!

Where Stockholm Pride Takes Place:

Most of the Pride events are found on Sodermalm (Stockholm's largest island). During Stockholm Pride, there are millions of rainbow flags decorating the city. Meet others at the "Pride Park" on Sodermalm and find a stage, stalls, food and drink vendors and other entertainment there. Numerous other events are celebreated at venues outside of the Pride Park as well. It's really the whole city celebrating!

Program & Tickets:

You can find information on the current program and purchase tickets at the Stockholm Pride Website or call 077-170 70 70 in Sweden. Tickets can also be bought at the cashier’s office at Pride House or at Pride Park. There are several types of Pride tickets available.

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