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Free Events in Stockholm


Stockholm Jazz Festival with Van Morrison.

Stockholm Jazz Festival with Van Morrison.

Stockholm Jazz Festival
How about free events in Stockholm? Stockholm, like the rest of Scandinavia, can be quite pricey, but not if you keep your head about you and do some research.

Besides the top 10 free things to do in Stockholm, there are numerous free events as well. You don’t even have to look too hard; the city thrives on cultural happenings, especially during the summer months.

Some of the top festivals and events in the area are...

The Stockholm Jazz Festival:
About 30,000 people attend 40 concerts featuring jazz and blues artists. This is a free event that no Jazz enthusiasts will want to miss. The main event takes place in July on the island of Skeppsholmen, which is just breathtaking. Other venues include the Konserthuis and stages in national parks. Do keep in mind that some performances do have an entry fee.

Stockholm Pride Week:
This free festival is the largest gay pride parade in all of Scandinavia, with five days of street partying, debates and entertainment. At the base in Tantolunden Park on the island of Södermalm, you can view exhibits, films, and the big parade with all the trimmings on the Saturday. The parade takes place late July / early August.

The Midnight Race (Midnattsloppet):
It is the most popular race of the year, and what makes it so unique is the fact that it takes place at night. On an average, about 16,000 participants will run the 10 kilometer (6 mile) track around Södermalm in August. For spectators, the starting point is at Ringvägen, with the finish line at Hornsgatan, very close to the starting point. That night, the streets of Stockholm are alive with music and an overall festive mood.

The Changing of the Guard:
A very popular free event with royal lineage. The guard of the Swedish royal family consists of roughly 30,000 guards. The total duration of this event is about 40 minutes, taking place in front of the Royal Palace.

The Stockholm Art Fair:
During the first four days in April, the art industry gets together for the Swedish art fair. Other than the free exhibits and auctions, the public can also attend seminars and talks.

Pop Dakar Festival:
The Dakar festival is a relatively intimate free outdoor music festival at Gula Villan on the University Campus in Stockholm. About 3000 people attend the festival in June to listen to both local and international artists. It is completely free and open to everyone above the age of 18.

"Taste of Stockholm" Food Festival:
This is a 6-day event that takes place in June, and is a firm favorite among food lovers. There are many free events to keep you entertained, with hundreds or samples and morsels to taste. Excepts for the food, you can also expect live music and sporting events. During this time, many restuarants also cook up a special menu to commemorate the event.

Stockholm Culture Festival:
This free festival kicks of in August every year. The main events takes place in the centre with over 500 acts, including jugglers, dancers, singers street artists and circus performers. The festival also offers a dynamic mix of music and a diverse mix of cultures. If you are a book worm, make sure not the miss the world’s biggest book table. Do note that some indoor theatre show will have an entrance fee.

Getting around Stockholm, the most affordable way is to make use of city cards. The pass entitles you to discounted fares as well free admission to various attractions.

The Stockholm City Bike service is also a fairly cheap way to get around, providing the weather is good. Keep in mind though, this service is only available from April until October, and the rules are more strict that in other Scandinavian cities.

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