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Skärgårdsmässan - The Stockholm Archipelago Fair

An annual event in late May, with lots of things to enjoy.


The Stockholm Archipelago Fair (Skärgardsmässan)

The Stockholm Archipelago Fair (Skärgardsmässan)

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Skärgårdsmässan, also known as the Stockholm Archipelago Fair and Baltic Meeting Days, is a free annual cultural and trade event in the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

Skärgårdsmässan was initiated in 1989 and takes place in late May each year.

You'll find the Stockholm Archipelago Fair to be an entertaining outdoor event with Swedish food and music, turning the Swedish Archipelago into a melting pot of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.

There are hundreds of exhibitors showing classic boats, offering local foods, and selling traditional handicrafts from their cultures.

At the Stockholm Archipelago Fair, make sure to visit the harbor where you'll find many historic (and new) boats and music artists. The event venue of Skärgårdsmässan is easy to find - it's Stockholm's Djurgarden island (Galärparken on Djurgarden island, to be exact).

The Stockholm Archipelago Fair attracts about 55,000 visitors over the three days of the event and admission is free!

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