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The Emigration Festival in Växjö, Sweden

You might find your Swedish ancestors here.


Växjo, Sweden

House of Migrants in Växjo

Växjo, Sweden
The Emigration Festival in Växjö in southern Sweden is an entertaining annual event for anyone with or without Swedish roots.

Växjö's Emigration Festival takes place in mid-August for three days, focusing on Scandinavia's most popular emigration area. Over 1 million people emigrated from here, and it is captivating to celebrate with a colorful mix of locals and visitors.

Don't forget to visit the House of Migrants in Växjö, which contains an interesting exhibit of personal and official documents about countless Swedes leaving the area in hopes of a better life across the big pond. There's even an "Emigrant Cafe" and the "Emigrant Shop". The house is closed Sundays and Mondays.

You can get to Växjö from Göteborg in about three hours by taking roads 40 and 27 south-east. From Malmö, it's three hours on the E4 going north.

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