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Kivik Apple Market Festival in Kivik, Sweden

Kivik's Apple Festival with Free Admission and "Apple Art"


Art at the Kivki Apple Market Festival

2,5 tons of apples turning into art.


The Kivik Apple Market is probably one of the most unique annual events you have ever visited. This event has a creative and a delicious side to it.

To find the Kivik Apple Market, visit the town of Kivik in southern Sweden in late September to experience this free annual festival (upcoming dates on the Applemarknaden website).

The area around Kivik has long been an important supplier of Sweden's fruit, so in 1988, the town of Kivik held the first annual Kivik Apple Market festival in late September, the end of the Swedish harvesting season.

The eye-catcher at the Apple Market in Kivik must be the "apple art": pieces of art that look like paintings, but are actually pieced together by tons and tons of colorful apples, like a mosaic! The paintings made of apples look beautiful, but weigh up to 4 tons. (See the photo on the right.)

Note that there is no admission - this Swedish event is free! Other activities at the Kivik Apple Market include apple tasting, live music, and a visit to a real apple brewery.

You can find a detailed event schedule and this year's Apple Market dates at the official Applemarknaden Website.

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