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EuroPride 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden Hosting the EuroPride


Stockholm Pride Week

Stockholm Pride Week

Europe's biggest annual gay pride event, the EuroPride, is hosted by Sweden in 2008. The 2008 EuroPride takes place July 28 - August 3, 2008 in Sweden's capital Stockholm (with additional smaller events before and after the scheduled dates).

The EuroPride 2008 in Sweden was celebrated with the theme "Swedish Sin, Breaking Borders" referring to Sweden's civil liberties situation in the 1960s as well as today's international gay rights issues. Travel tips can be found in Scandinavia for Gays & Lesbians.

Locations for the EuroPride in coming years are Zurich, Switzerland, in 2009. The EuroPride 2010 will be celebrated in Warsaw, Poland.
Past locations include Madrid, Spain, and London, England.

Hundreds of different events are offered at the EuroPride each year and there are countless GLBT activities, workshops, and performances by international guests. The number of visitors and participants at past EuroPride events has topped the two million mark easily. Still want more? Visit other pride events in Scandinavia.

The annual Pride Week in Stockholm became the EuroPride in 2008 - and this city was certainly ready. Having been hosting Scandinavia's largest pride event for years, you won't find another travel destination as gay-friendly as Scandinavia. Scandinavia is more open-minded than any other region, making it the perfect destination for gays and lesbians.

Stockholm Pride Information

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