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The Göteborg Book Fair in Sweden

Göteborg's International Book Fair


Authors and pulishers, this annual event in Sweden is a must for you and also for thousands of book-lovers each fall!

The Göteborg Book Fair is clearly the biggest and most popular book event in the Scandinavian countries. Each fall in late September, the Swedish city of Gothenburg/Göteborg attracts visitors, authors, and others interested in books and publishing - even some Nobel Prize winners!

The Book Fair in Gothenburg (in Swedish: Goteborg) offers a lot more entertainment than just a few boring books! More than 100,000 visitors each year enjoy book workshops, author signings, discussion groups, and readings.

The location of the Göteborg Book Fair is the Swedish Exhibition Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can find a program for the upcoming book fair at the official website of the Göteborg Book Fair.

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