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Malmo Festival in Malmo, Sweden

Malmo's Annual Festival in August


The Malmo Festival (in Swedish: Malmöfestivalen) is Malmo's biggest event of the year. The 8-day festival takes place in the second half of August and attracts over 1.5 million visitors every time.

Along with free admission, the Malmöfestivalen in Malmo offers its visitors a variety of entertainment: over 250 concerts and music performances, lots of great Swedish food to taste, an amusement park, theater shows, artwork market, sports events, and other forms of entertainment.

No matter what kind of festival you like, you can only love the Malmo Festival in Sweden. One of the highlights for me (besides the free admission) is the variety of concerts which range from classical music to pop/rock and even heavy metal.

If you're more into food events, don't miss the crayfish party at Stortorget at the start of the Malmo Festival, where visitors can get delicious local food and beer to kick off the festival.

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