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New Year's Eve in Stockholm

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Stockholm?


Fireworks in Scandinavia

Fireworks in Scandinavia

When it comes to spending New Year's Eve in Stockholm, there are several options you have, depending on the type of Stockholm traveler you are. Let's find out what you could do on New Year's Eve in Stockholm:

For many visitors on New Year's Eve, Gamla Stan (Stockholm's Old Town) is the favorite location. Here, you can listen to the new year's concert ("Nyårskonsert" in Swedish) at Storkyrkan Church in the evening. Later on, celebrate with other locals and visitors and watch the fireworks over the water.

On New Year's Eve, Stockholm's Skansen open-air museum offers visitors to listen to Tennyson's Ring Out Wild Bells being read out at midnight by a popular Swede which is broadcast live nation-wide. Music, entertainment, and fireworks, are also on offer! Optional: Go ice skating in Kungstradgarden before you head to Skansen.

Party-lovers in Stockholm on December 31 will probably hear about Södermalmstorg, located on Götgatan street in Stockholm's Södermalm district. Lots of hot nightlife here until early in the morning, along with affordable dining and bars.

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