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Rattviksdansen Folklore Festival (Rättviksdansen) in Sweden

Sweden's Annual Folklore Event


If you're visiting Sweden in July, stop in Rättvik for the annual Rättviksdansen Folklore Festival.

The Rattviksdansen Folklore Festival Sweden's largest folklore festival and each summer attracts dancers and musicians from many different countries. Rattviksdansen (in Swedish: Rättviksdansen) was founded in 1974 and has become a major annual event, celebrated in week 30 of every year (late July).

There is much more to see at Rattviksdansen than just the wonderfully colorful folkore costumes. Travelers as well as locals can enjoy about 50 different performances, such as dance and folk music events, folklore shows, dance theater, games, festival parades, competitions, even different courses in folkloric subjects! In addition, you can visit local shops and purchase handcrafted items.

Rättvik is about 3 1/2 hours north-west of Stockholm, Sweden, past Borlänge and Falun.

This annual festival is definitely worth visiting, if you're traveling through Sweden. Don't forget to bring your camera - the colorful folk costumes and formation dances are a wonderful photo opportunity!

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