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Skyltsöndag: Shop Window Sunday in Malmo

What is the Shop Window Sunday in Malmo?


St Lucia Day, Scandinavia

St Lucia Day, Scandinavia

Shop Window Sunday in Malmo (in Swedish: Skyltsöndag) is an annual event that is celebrated in Malmo, Sweden, each year. It in early December, more specifically on the first Advent Sunday (the first of the four Sundays before Christmas).

The most important part of Skyltsöndag is the competition among store and shop owners in Malmö decorating their Christmas shop windows. On Shop Window Sunday, only the most beautifully decorated shop window in Malmo wins.

Skyltsöndag - or Shop Window Sunday - is a part of Christmas in Malmo like no other annual event in the city. On this day, go to the Stortorget square and listen to interesting public speeches, enjoy concerts and performances, or witness the lighting of the Christmas tree of the city of Malmo.

Shop Window Sunday also is the day when Malmo presents the girl they have selected to represent St Lucia this year (St Lucia Day is a popular Swedish tradition honoring a Christian virgin.)

This annual event in Malmo is a great opportunity for Christmas travelers to see Malmo at its best during the holiday season!

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