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The Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm's Big Annual Furniture and Design Event


Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair, M. Skoglof
The Stockholm Furniture Fair is a large annual winter event in the Stockholm area.

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, about 750 exhibitors present visitors with furniture, textiles, and interior design in Scandinavian styles. It takes place for 5 days in early February and is open to the general public on the last day.

As design shopping in Stockholm is so popular, you can imagine that this event in Sweden's capital is popular as well. Visitor turnout at the Stockholm Furniture Fair is usually expected to range from 40,000 - 50,000. You'll find it at Stockholm International Fairs at Mässvägen 1 in Älvsjö, Stockholm (Stockholm street map).

During the first four days, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is open only for trade visitors. On the fifth, the fair is open also to the general public.

Admission to the Stockholm Furniture Fair: On general public´s day, tickets are SEK 130 (trade visitors pay SEK 230 on non-public days). Children under 7 are free, 7-14 year olds pay SEK 20 admission.

Contact information for the Stockholm Furniture Fair: Call 08 749 4100, visit the official website for event details.

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