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Free Events in Sweden

Where can Sweden travelers find this year's best free events?


Free events in Sweden are quite popular...and there are more and more each year. No matter where you are in Sweden, it's almost guaranteed that there's a free event nearby. There are so many festivals and celebrated holidays! Let's find a free event that fits your time of travel and destination in Sweden.

1. Skärgårdsmässan (Stockholm Archipelago Fair)

Swedish food and music, handicrafts and historic boats in the Stockholm Archipelago - that's the Skärgårdsmässan Stockholm Archipelago Fair. Skärgårdsmässan is a free event in late May in the middle of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

2. The Emigration Festival

At the Emigration Festival in Växjö, Sweden, it doesn't matter if you have Swedish roots or not. But some might find their Swedish ancestors here. Vaxjo is a popular emigration town and celebrates that fact every year in the middle of August with a free event.

3. The Taste of Stockholm

If you want a great free event in the Swedish capital Stockholm, look no further than the Taste of Stockholm Annual Food Festival. This free culinary event takes place in the first week of June.

4. The Stockholm Summer Games

The Stockholm Summer Games are a great free event for adults. Here, Kids between 8-18 compete in various sports competitions and you can pick your favorite events and cheer them on for several days.

5. Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis Night is a great way to experience Swedish traditions. Hop over a bonfire with the locals, hang out at midnight with music and drinks, or attend one of the many Walpurgis night festivities on April 30 every year. Say hi to the witches for me.

6. Malmo Rainbow Festival

The Malmo Rainbow Festival is Malmo's very own pride festival. The last week of September brings ten days of parties, parades, and exhibitions for the GBLT community in and around Malmo.

7. Shopwindow Sunday in Malmo

Here is a free pre-Christmas-sy event in Malmo for you. This one, called Shop Window Sunday (Skyltsöndag) is Malmo's way of starting the Christmas season and the decorating and shopping that comes with it...

8. Midsommar (Midsummer)

Midsommar, as the Swedes call it, is a huge (free!) event in Sweden. Midsummer's Eve is always on June 21 but festivities and celebrations often extend to the weekend before or after that date.

9. Christmas in Sweden

Oh, what a difference spending Christmas in another country can make! Christmas in Sweden begins on St Lucia Day on December 13 and offers several weeks of romantic Christmas markets everywhere.

10. Kivik Apple Market Festival

Apple tasting, live music, visiting an apple brewery, enjoying apple art - all that and more is offered at the annual Kivik Apple Market Festival in Kivik, Sweden each September.

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