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Scandinavia's Largest Carnival in Aalborg


Carnival in Aalborg, Denmark

Carnival in Aalborg, Denmark

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Are there carnivals in Scandinavia? Certainly! The largest carnival in Northern Europe can be found in Aalborg, Denmark. In 1982, four people came together in this Scandinavian city, wanting to create a carnival in Aalborg. A year later, the very first carnival was held there with close to 10,000 active participants. And since then, this annual event has grown into the largest carnival in Scandinavia: more than 100,000 people come together to enjoy summer and hot samba rhythms these days. The carnival in Aalborg is now easily the largest carnival in Northern Europe. And the great part: Everyone can participate!

About the Aalborg Carnival:

This Scandinavian event takes place on the weekend of week 21 which is usually the last week in May.

The theme for the carnival in 2012 is "The World Upside Down". You can find the latest event info on the official website.

The Children's Carnival (Børnekarneval):

The Children's carnival takes places during the week leading up to the big event. Children can enjoy their own parade through the city streets of Aalborg, Denmark, followed by entertainments and games in Kilde Park (Kildeparken). Everyone can participate in the parade - Scandinavia's great event for children of all ages!

Friday - The Battle of Carnival Bands:

Numerous professional carnival groups from Scandinavia and all over the world compete against each other in the popular annual Battle of Carnival Bands. The groups are graded by an independent panel of judges, who are watching as the groups perform their spectacular shows.

Saturday - The Grand Parade:

This is the highlight for parade lovers! The parade starts from four different places in Aalborg and proceeds in a star formation to the Harbour. There, Scandinavians welcome the current year's King of Carnival. He takes the lead in the parade of international carnival groups and dressed up carnivalists and guides everyone in the Grand Parade towards the city park, Kildeparken.

Saturday - After-Party in Kildeparken:

The carnival parade reaches its climax in Kildeparken, where four stages provide a spectacular variety of entertainment, music and dance from Danish locals as well as international entertainers. The finalists from Friday's Battle of Carnival Bands compete on this day for the title of "Carnival Band of the Year".

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