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All Saints' Day in Scandinavia

All Saints' Day is a Sobering Day of Remembrance in Scandinavia


All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day

K. Kapoutsis CC Lic.
All Saints' Day in Scandinavia is a holiday which falls on November 1 in Western Christianity. However, in many Scandinavian regions, All Saints' Day is celebrated on the Saturday following October 30 instead, and most businesses will be open.

This holiday represents historic traditions in honor of all the saints, both known and unknown. In a way, it also opens the door to the Christmas season.

The typical custom on All Saints' Day is to visit the graves of loved family members and friends, bringing decorations and candles in remembrance.

Later on, the dark night of All Saint's Day is illuminated by a sea of candles, a truly moving sight for anyone visiting (photo).

Please do not speak to locals while inside a graveyard unless they initiate the conversation — after all, All Saints' Day represents respect, quiet and reflection.

Depending on where in Scandinavia you are, you'll hear All Saints' Day called
- Allehelgensdag in Danish and Norwegian
- Alla helgons dag in Swedish
- Pyhäinpäivä in Finnish

All Saints' Day is followed by All Souls' Day on November 2, which is not a public holiday.

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