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Sweden's Easter Traditions


Basket with Easter Eggs

Basket with Easter Eggs

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So how is Easter celebrated in Sweden?

In Sweden, common Easter traditions include egg painting. Children dressed up as Easter witches with long skirts, colorful headscarves and painted red cheeks, go from house to house in the neighborhood and present the occupants with paintings and drawings in the hope of getting sweets in return. According to Swedish folklore, during Easter the witches fly to Blåkulla (the Blue Mountain) to meet the devil.

Small branches and twigs of willow or birch are a common sight in every Swedish house during the Eater holidays. Feathers and small decorations are also placed on these twigs in a vase.

For lunch/dinner on Holy Saturday, families traditionally feast on a smörgåsbord of herring, salmon, potatoes, eggs and other kinds of food. Most businesses are closed in Sweden during the Easter holidays. Keep the national holidays in mind when you plan your trip and activities.

"Easter" in Swedish is Påsk.

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