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Karlshamn Baltic Festival (Östersjöfestivalen)

What is the Östersjöfestivalen?


The Östersjöfestivalen is Swedish for the Karlshamn Baltic Festival, a large annual event in Karlshamn, Sweden. This is the biggest free festival in southern Sweden and takes place in mid July every year. The event attracts a quarter million visitors annually.

Each summer, the Karlshamn Baltic Festival attracts performers and artists from the regions around the Baltic Sea. During this time in July, Karlshamn's streets are full with musicians offering great music that can fit anyone's taste (jazz, blues, rock, even latin-american music!)

The Baltic Festival also has a big street parade, a Baltic song contest, a vintage car rally, food and drink vendors and a traditional market. There are also quite a few events taking place on and in the waters of the Baltic Sea around Karlshamn, Sweden!

You can find the upcoming festival's dates, program and ticket information on the official website of the festival (once there, click on the flags to translate the website).

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