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Sami National Day

February 6 is Sami National Day


The Sami Flag

The Sami Flag

The Sami Flag

On Sami National Day, February 6, the Sami flag is raised in recognition of Sami National Day. Businesses sometimes remain closed on Sami National Day, and in Norway this day is celebrated with lots of festivities and Sami flags on government buildings.

Sami National Day is a special day for all Sámi, regardless of where they live. On Sami National Day, the flag is displayed and the Song of the Sami People is often sung.

The Sami (known as Lapplanders in the past) first celebrated Sami National Day in 1993 as a union of the indigenous voices across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

The date of Sami National Day is a significant one, because it marks the first Sami National Council meeting held in Trondheim, Norway, in 1917.

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