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The Stockholm Summer Games


Djurgårdsbron - the bridge to Djurgården island in Stockholm, Sweden.

Djurgårdsbron - the bridge to Djurgården island in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The Stockholm Summer Games are a popular annual sports event in Stockholm. They take place in late June in Sweden's capital. Matches and competitions take place in around twenty arenas and fields within the city of Stockholm. The Stockholm Summer games are international competitions for the ages 8-18 years but are watched by visitors of all ages.

The games include soccer (football), swimming, wrestling, beach volleyball, streetbasket, minigolf as well as armwrestling. Stockholm visitors can also enjoy competitions in archery, trampoline, and even inline skating.

Depending on the weather in Sweden, very popular events for participants of the Stockholm Summer Games are the inauguration show and the activity center, along with meeting many others from around the world.

If you'd like to find out more, or want to participate, visit the Stockholm Summer Games Website. The Stockholm Summer Games participants are given many opportunities for local sightseeing, both guided and unguided.

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