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Taste of Stockholm - The Annual Food Festival in Stockholm, Sweden

Experience the "Taste of Stockholm"


Gamla stan in Stockholm, Sweden

Gamla stan in Stockholm, Sweden

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"Taste of Stockholm", Stockholm's major annual event, is a food lover’s dream with countless free events. During the six-day June event, Sweden visitors can participate in food-related activities and enjoy Swedish entertainment until everyone had their fill. Every year's Taste of Stockholm begins in the first week of June.

Hundreds of delectable treats are on offer in the Kungstradgarden park in the center of Stockholm. Along with good eats, visitors also enjoy live music, entertainment and sports events. Many of the city’s restaurants even cook up special festival menus for this major annual event!

In Swedish, the well-known food festival is called “Smaka pa Stockholm” (also see Useful Swedish Phrases). Did you know the Taste of Stockholm attracts more than 650,000 visitors each year? "Smaka På Stockholm" also provides you with a chance to taste Swedish culture and entertainment: June 6th, Sweden's Independence Day (National Flag Day) is a public holiday with all the extra entertainment and happenings that will include.

Upcoming event details are posted at the Smaka På Stockholm official website.

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