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What is Hilarymas in Sweden?


Christmas Market in Gothenburg

Christmas Market in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Question: What is Hilarymas in Sweden?
Answer: Hilarymas in Sweden is an annual event celebrated on January 13 each year.

Hilarymas marks the end of the Swedish Christmas season with get-togethers, lots of food, dancing, and plundering the tree of edible decorations.

Hilarymas is also known as St Knut's Day. In Swedish, that's "Tjugondag Knut" or "Knutsdagen".

At the end of the Hilarymas celebration, the tree is thrown out (in an old tradition, the tree was literally thrown out of the window!) as Hilarymas is also the day of clearing out the Christmas decorations.

If you travel through Sweden on January 13, which is Hilarymas Day, look for Hilarymas celebrations or carnivals. There will be lots of food and fun!

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