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Christmas in Den Gamle By, Aarhus

Visit Aarhus' Den Gamle By (The Old Town) During Christmas


Old Town Aarhus in Winter

Old Town Aarhus in Winter

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The open-air museum Den Gamle By (The Old Town) in Århus is celebrating Christmas in its own unique way. Here, you can travel back in time.

Starting in the second half of November and lasting throughout the Christmas season, 16 of the historic Danish houses show 35 Christmas exhibitions. You actually feel like you have stepped back in time with period-dressed personnel engaging in typical domestic activites from the olden days.

There's even a traditional Christmas market here every weekend in December.

Den Gamle By is one of the top attractions in Aarhus. You can find this gem of a museum at Viborgvej 2 in Århus. Keep in mind that Den Gamle By remains closed on December 24, 25, 31, and January 1.

Admission prices to Den Gamle By in Århus depend on the time of year. For an adult it's DKK 125 during the Christmas season. You get reduced admission with the ÅrhusCard, though.

Den Gamle By also offers guided tours every weekend, and has been certified with Denmark's Accessibility Label for non-mobile travelers.

If the weather is too bad for an open-air museum, head to the center of Aarhus where you will find the indoor Christmas Market of Aarhus!

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