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St Lucia Day in Scandinavia

What is St Lucia Day?


Saint Lucia in Scandinavia

Saint Lucia in Scandinavia

Saint Lucia in Scandinavia
The day of Saint Lucia in Scandinavia is an essential part of Christmas in Scandinavia.

Each year on December 13, Saint Lucia is celebrated widely with candlelight and traditional candle-lit processions. Lucia herself was Christian and died for her faith. The December 13 holiday honors her.

The eldest girl in the family portrays St Lucia, puts on a white robe in the morning and is allowed to wear a crown full of candles. She serves her parents Lucia buns and coffee or mulled wine.

In church, women sing the traditional St Lucia song which describes how Saint Lucia overcame the darkness and found light. Each of the Scandinavian countries has similar lyrics, in their native tongues.

In Scandinavian history, the night of St.Lucia was known to be the longest night of the year (winter solstice) which was changed when the Gregorian calendar was reformed.

During a dark winter in Scandinavia, the idea of light overcoming darkness, and the promise of returning sunlight has been welcomed by the locals for hundreds of years. The celebrations and processions on Saint Lucia Day are illuminated by thousands of candles.

As many say, it wouldn't be Christmas in Scandinavia without Saint Lucia Day.

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