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7 Danish Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas to buy in Denmark or for Denmark lovers...


The Danish people are extremely proud of their culture, with a fondness of their past. This can be clearly seen in the numerous shops that sell replicated Viking jewelery and minture scale models of a time long lost. Denemark is especially popular for its clean designs and wide array of fine china.

Occasions for gift-giving are frequent. Christmas, as with the greater part of the Western world, is the main celebration of the year. The traditional gift-giver, not unlike Santa Clause, is Julemanden, who rides a sleigh pulled by reindeer. The Danish are very thoughtful and polite, so a gift to thank the host when visiting is acceptable, though not customary.

As with every culture different than your own, there are some gifts to avoid, as well as certain rules of etiquette which should be observed. Women are greeted first with a warm handshake, and the Danes tend to introduce themselves by their first names.

Extravagant gifts will only cause discomfort; the Danish are a modest folk. Keep in mind that most white flowers symbolize death and mourning. The same goes for wreaths which are not acceptable, even during Christmas time.

So what are some great ideas for Danish gifts?

1. Royal Copenhagen Dinnerware, Figurines and Collectables

Royal Copenhagen China
Royal Copenhagen china has been in use for over 230 years by the Danish. The official fine china in blue and white patterns is a fine to gift to anyone of Danish descent, as well as a nice take-home gift for the family. Fancy figurines and ornaments are also made by this historic Copenhagen-based china manufacturer.
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2. Bing & Grondahl Danish Christmas Plates

Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plate
Opened in 1853 by a former Royal Copenhagen employee, Bing & Grondahl still creates a beautiful annual Christmas plate that collectors will greatly appreciate.
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3. Jewelry by Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Jewelry
Georg Jensen started crafting the very finest Scandinavian silver jewelry in 1904, and still continues to be very popular today.
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4. Danish Flag Ornaments & Denmark Flags

Flag of Denmark
The Danish flag is considered to be the oldest used flag in the world. In the spirit of Christmas, it traditionally features prominently in Danish Christmas tree decorations. The flag is red, with a white cross.
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5. A Danish Wool Sweater

Daryl Hannah in Norwegian Sweater
© Doug Benc / Getty Images
Traditional Danish sweaters are made of high quality wool that will last for years, and keeps you comfy and toasty in the cold winter months. Typically, sweaters made in Scandinavia have beautiful designs knitted into them.
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6. Danish Food & Advent Calendars

The Kringle is a proper local delight. It is a large oval shaped type of coffee cake which is formed in a ring. It can be filled with various fillings, including any types of nut or fruit. Cakes can be sent to families over the festive season, and some bakeries even deliver. Other gifts of food can include Pumpernickel bread, Danish Blue Cheese, Kurry Herring, chocolates and Marzipan bars. Oftentimes, Advent calendars are given to the children for the countdown to Christmas. Advent calendars typically have a piece of candy or small gift hidden behind each window counting down the days.
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7. Items with Nisse

Nisse looks like a leprechaun with a red hat. A Nisse is a Danish household spirit that cares for the family’s prosperity and wellbeing. Nisse ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, from miniature Christmas tree decorations to gigantic figurines. Plates and ornaments are also sometimes decorated with this little Danish elf.
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Tips for Gift-Giving in Denmark

Wine is quite expensive in Denmark, but any wine or liquor makes for an excellent gift. Red is seen to be a good color for wrapping gifts, and should you receive a gift in return, it should be opened immediately.

Business gifts are not customary, especially not at a first meeting. A small token may be sent after negotiations went well, though.

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