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The Aarhus Travel Guide

Your Travel Guide to Aarhus, Denmark


To travelers, Aarhus is a great destination and has lots to offer. You'll find Aarhus on the east coast of Jutland (Denmark's western peninsula), or about a 3 hour drive from Copenhagen. If you're thinking about traveling to Aarhus, please use this free travel guide to "guide" you around this beautiful Danish city.

1. Aarhus Travel Basics

Spring at Aarhus City Hall
Spring at Aarhus City Hall

2. Accommodation & Dining in Aarhus

Helnan Marselis Hotel Aarhus
Helnan Marselis Hotel Aarhus
Where to sleep? Where to eat? Our recommendations for Aarhus are as follows.

3. Fun & Entertainment in Aarhus

Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus prides itself on interesting events, lots of attractions, and an active nightlife in the numerous clubs and bars. Here are great tips to guide your fun and entertainment choices while in Aarhus...

4. More Practical Knowledge for Aarhus?

Moesgaard Museum
This is optional, but highly recommended for anyone traveling to Aarhus. A vacation is so much more enjoyable when you actually know what to do, or what to expect! I would like to invite you to learn more for your trip, especially if you'll also be visiting other cities:

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