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A Travel Guide to Gothenburg / Göteborg

Visitors Information About Gothenburg, Sweden


Visitors of Gothenburg, Sweden, are offered many choices. Where in Gothenburg do we stay or eat? What kind of attractions, nightlife, or transportation does this Swedish city offer? Let's take the planning one step at a time, with this practical travel guide for Gothenburg, Sweden.

1. The Basics for Gothenburg Travelers

Flag of Sweden
Especially if you've never visited before, you'll need some additional information about Gothenburg and about travel in Sweden in general. Here are the basic travel tips you should know about:

2. Gothenburg's Hotels & Restaurants

Hotel Riverton in Goteborg, Sweden

Gothenburg offers travelers a varied selection of hotels and restaurants. No matter what you're looking for, it's likely that Gothenburg has it. Find your perfect place here:

3. Attractions & Events in Gothenburg

Goteborg / Gothenburg, Sweden
Oh, what would a trip to Gothenburg be without some fun? That's what makes traveling so great - exploring and seeing new things at your destination, from amusement parks and museums to wilderness and nature. What kind of attractions and events does Gothenburg offer?

4. Local Transportation in Gothenburg

City of Gothenburg/Goteborg, Sweden
You're almost ready to travel to Gothenburg - but how will you get around once you're there? Well, simply decide if you prefer to drive yourself with a rental car, take trains, or maybe just just local metro commuter trains and busses (with extensive schedules!) to move around in Gothenburg:

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