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Ice Skating in Helsinki

Visit the Ice Park in Helsinki!


Ice Skating in Helsinki, Finland

Ice Skating in Helsinki, Finland

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Going ice skating in Helsinki is a lot of fun. The winter is quite long in Finland, so you have lots of time for ice skating and Helsinki's Ice Park is definitely a recommended location for this!

The Ice Park is found in central Helsinki, right next to the Helsinki Central Railway Station. The ice rink opens each year in late November and remains open until March (depending on the weather in Finland at the time).

This popular ice skating rink attracts thousands of visitors annually. The admission price for ice skating here is EUR 4 for adults and EUR 2 if you're under 18 or have a student ID.

When you go ice skating at Helsinki's Ice Park, you can bring your own ice-skates or rent them. There are even ice skating classes and a nice cafe on the premises.

The Ice Park is open daily throughout the winter, starting at 10 am until at 9 pm (10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.)

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