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A Bad Visit to Malmö

There are a few things about Malmö I really don't like.


Street in Malmo (Malmö), Sweden

Street in Malmo (Malmö), Sweden

© S. Varamig Gamla Vaster in Malmo

Gamla Vaster in Malmo

Marten Svemark © Malmö Turism

Here's one traveler's story about having a bad experience in Malmö:

"It was my second trip to Sweden. After my trip to Copenhagen, I wanted to visit a city which was a little quieter and did not have too many tourists. I wanted to enjoy the Swedish beauty without much annoyance from the travelers. After a lot of thinking, I decided that Malmö would be a perfect choice. A port city and also Sweden's third largest municipality, Malmö might offer me the quiet and solitude I needed after my trip to Copenhagen.

Ho-hum, I Am Bored:

Okay after the dazzling time I had in Copenhagen, I did expect some of it to be quickly charmed by this city as well. But this city was painfully boring! There was nothing to do here. Night-life was non-existent and even during the day time the few stores that were open did not offer many choices on either food or beverages. Even the park had people who were either old or were terribly bored like me. The first day in my hotel was quiet, unusually quiet and so I thought that this was good. But the second day too this happened and I actually got bored of the quietness!

Taxi Troubles:

This was when I saw this ad about city taxi rides "Where We Take You through Beautiful Malmö" and I thought I should get out and see the city. This was a bad decision. The taxi I hailed had a cheerful man and I asked him whether he could take me on a round of the city. I hopped in and he swung around the city through some of the most boring cities I have ever been through. After an hour and a half of aimlessly looking at a concrete jungle of a city, I decided to finish my tour on foot. I asked him the charges and then I was robbed. Not literally, but yes, he charged me a bomb! Apparently, taxi cabs in Sweden are three times the price they are elsewhere. I was shell-shocked. I was a tourist, so I paid him whatever he asked and left. The rest of the way I chose to walk, because I had left my other stash of currency in the hotel, thinking that the taxi ride wouldn't be so expensive. Little did I realize that my nightmare was just coming alive!

Uh, Youth Gangs Just Pointed a Gun At Me:

I was walking through this particularly shady locality when I heard a gang of raucous boys coming from behind. I didn't pay attention until I felt a gun barrel on my spine! I jumped but no screams came out! He motioned me to hand out my money - unfortunately, the taxi fiasco had left me with nothing and I gave him my wallet and ran for my life! I heard them shouting when they found that my "thick" wallet was actually thick with brochures and not cash.

I ran and ran till I saw my hotel-quiet as usual. But for the first time I was happy that I didn't have money on me and I wasn't killed by a gangster 16-year-old. For those planning to visit Malmö, I would say-Bad idea!"


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