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The Best Cheap Hotels in Malmo


Looking for good value hotels in Malmo? Malmo can be expensive, so we've found you the best cheap hotels in Malmo. Or, compare all Malmo hotel prices if our picks don't fit your trip to Malmo.

1. Ibis Hotel Malmö

The Ibis Hotel Malmö is the best choice for budget travelers as it offers central location in Malmo along with the best rates in the city. Very close to shopping centers, business buildings, and the Malmo Exhibition Center. Amenities in this clean hotel are basic, but more than sufficient for most travelers (sauna, bar, billiards, wi-fi, restaurant).
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2. Scandic Loddekopinge

Located on the outskirts of Malmo (10 km from city center), the 3-star hotel Loddekopinge is part of the Scandic hotel chain and offers limited first-class amenities. The rooms here are slightly more expensive but clean and modern with A/C and are soundproofed. The hotel has its own bar and swimming pool, and even a pharmacy.
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3. Ibis Lund

A quality budget hotel with 2-star rating, the Ibis Lund hotel is located about 11 km from downtown Malmo and around 35 km from the Malmo Exhibition Center. Several golf course are close by. Amenities in this budget hotel include bar, restaurant, internet. The rooms are very clean and the friendly staff speaks English.
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4. Scandic Star Lund

Not exactly among the cheapest, this elegant Scandic hotel can still offer good rates during the off-season if you book early, and give you a luxury accommodation. It is the largest business and meeting location in the south of Sweden. Rooms here are very large compared to the value hotels listed above, but you may notice the price difference. Amenities here include sauna, pool, solarium, exercise area.
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