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The Malmö Travel Guide

A Practical Travel Guide for All Malmo Visitors


Visitors of Malmö, Sweden, are offered many choices. Where in Malmö (or Malmo) should I stay or eat? How can I get around easily, and which attractions in this Swedish city are a must-see? Let's take the planning one step at a time, with this practical travel guide for Malmo...

1. The Basics for Malmo Travelers

Flag of Sweden
Let's start planning with the basics. Especially if you've never visited before, you'll need some additional information about Malmo and about travel in Sweden. Here are the best travel basics any Malmo visitor can use:

2. Malmo's Hotels & Restaurants

Street in Malmo (Malmö), Sweden
© S. Varamig
If you want to go to Malmo but don't know where to stay or eat, there are many choices. Malmo offers so many good places to choose from, it can be overwhelming. So we've tried to make your hotel and dining choices easier by helping you find your perfect place in Malmo - with these useful travel articles:

3. Attractions & Events in Malmo

Malmohus Castle in Malmo
Peter Schmidbauer © Malmö Turism
Oh, the fun part of traveling to Malmo is definitely experiencing the sights and events here! Malmo offers its visitors unique attractions suited for all ages and all types of travelers. To plan ahead, just pick your favorite Malmo attractions in the following articles:

4. Malmo's Local Transportation

Gamla Vaster in Malmo
Marten Svemark © Malmö Turism
You're almost ready to travel to Malmo - but how will you get around once you're there? Well, simply decide if you prefer to drive yourself with a rental car, take trains, or maybe just just local metro commuter trains and busses (with extensive schedules!) to get around in Malmo:
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