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The Copenhagen Travel Guide


Little Mermaid, Copenhagen - Denmark

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen - Denmark

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Copenhagen Personalized:

Denmark is a beautiful Scandinavian country and if you're currently planning a trip to the Danish capital Copenhagen, have lots of fun! Let's see how quick and painless it can be to arrange your visit. To make planning a little easier, just follow the localized travel tips shown below. No reason to panic, we'll take it one step at a time.

1 - Planning Your Copenhagen Visit:

2 - Where to Sleep & Eat in Copenhagen:

Common types of accommodation in Scandinavia are Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and Bed & Breakfast places. Here you will find local hotel reviews and contact information for your trip to Copenhagen:

It is estimated that Copenhagen has more than 2,000 cafes and restaurants. Copenhagen has great dining options - don't miss the best restaurants in Copenhagen, especially the Ida Davidsen Restaurant!

3 - Having Fun in Copenhagen:

4 - Copenhagen for Adults:

Traveling without children? Party-lovers going clubbing in Copenhagen will want to check out information on Copenhagen's Nightlife, Clubs & Bars. Also, take a look at Architecture & Design in Copenhagen. The highlight for many is a visit to Museum Erotica.

5 - Transportation in Copenhagen:

What are your best Copenhagen transportation options?

6 - Expand Your Knowledge:

This is optional, but highly recommended. A vacation is so much more enjoyable when you actually know what to do, or what to expect! I would like to invite you to learn more about your destination:

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