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Copenhagen Tivoli's Christmas Celebrations


Tivoli Park During Christmas in Copenhagen

Tivoli Park During Christmas in Copenhagen

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If you travel to Denmark's capital Copenhagen, visit the Tivoli Gardens during Christmas in Denmark.

The small villages in Tivoli Gardens are filled with Christmas lights and holiday life, showing more than 70 different stall keepers with an abundant selection of Danish christmas décor, Scandinavian gift ideas and Danish food and drink that goes perfectly with spending Christmas in Tivoli Gardens.

On the Open Air Stage, Santa´s sleigh can be visited by the children and it's possible to have their picture taken with Santa Claus! During Christmas in Tivoli park, Pixieville offers Tivoli-guests a first-hand insight into the lives of those small christmas pests.

All of Tivoli´s rides are in frequent use during the Danish Christmas season. There is even a higher number of rides to choose from than in the summer: the Swing Carousel and the Music Carousel have both become favorites with the guests along with the Chinese Lantern and The Pixie Train.

Opening Hours:
Christmas in Tivoli takes place from mid-November until the very last days of December, with extended opening hours often until midnight, so you can experience the Tivoli beautifully illuminated at night...

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