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All About the Stroget (Strøget)

Secrets to Shopping on Europe's Longest Shopping Street


Stroget in Copenhagen

Stroget in Copenhagen

Christan Anderson/Wondf. Copenhagen
The Strøget is Copenhagen's pedestrian shopping zone - and it's Europe's longest shopping street. On the Strøget, visitors find countless smaller and larger shops in all price ranges, along with larger department stores, restaurants, and cafés.

If you go shopping in Copenhagen, the Strøget is a "must" - if not for shopping, then as an attraction. On signs in Copenhagen, you'll see its Danish name: Strøget.

Are things cheap on the Strøget? Uh, partially. There's a secret to spending a lot less on Stroget. Budget travelers and bargain-hunters should start shopping at the Rådhuspladsen end of the Stroget. There you will find simpler foods, clothing chains like H&M, and much lower prices in general.

Along the Strøget, you'll pass the streets Frederiksberggade, Gammel Torv, Nygade, Vimmelskaftet, Amagertorv, and finally Østergade (street map of Copenhagen).

At the other end of the Strøget is a place called Kongens Nytorv. Toward this end of Stroget, you'll run across countless expensive designer shops like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Boss, and many other big names.

Copenhagen's Strøget is also very popular among street performers due to the number of pedestrians passing through. That offers visitors on the Strøget lots of interesting music and performance arts in the background.

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