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Transportation in Copenhagen

What are your options when it comes to transportation in Copenhagen?


Copenhagen offers various types of transportation, and visitors can easily get around using the extensive public transportation network in Copenhagen. Or maybe you prefer renting a car? Let's find out what will suit you best.

Renting a Car in Copenhagen

Map of Downtown Copenhagen
Copenhagen Tourist Bureau
Driving tours are quite popular in Scandinavia, such as the 3-20 Day Tour starting in Copenhagen. If you want to be independent of public transportation schedules in Copenhagen (which are very extensive!) and you want to remain flexible, your best option will be renting a car. You can compare car rental prices in Copenhagen here.

Driving Tip: Learn more about driving in Scandinavia before you start driving in Copenhagen.

Taking the Train in Copenhagen

The Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden
Jeremy Woodhouse / Getty Images
Using the train as your preferred type of transportation in Copenhagen is a good idea if you plan on not only seeind the Danish capital. If your visit to Copenhagen includes getting around Denmark or maybe a trip across the Oresund Bridge to Sweden, then a ScanRail Pass for traveling by train should suit you well.

CityBike: Free Bicycles in Copenhagen

CityBikes - Bike service in Scandinavia
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How about free transportation? Cycling is a popular form of transportation in Copenhagen, especially if your travel plans don't include far trips. There are bicycle lanes beside most Copenhagen roads with their own traffic lights. The city of Copenhagen has made it possible for tourists to join the fun: Using the CityBikes service is Copenhagen's free transportation available to everyone!

Public Transportation: Copenhagen Metro & Bus

City of Copenhagen
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For travelers concentrating on seeing Copenhagen's city area and the suburbs of Copenhagen, I recommend using the bus and metro (light rail) system. It is cheaper than other transportation, and Copenhagen offers extensive schedules that won't leave you stranded at a bus stop.

You can obtain 1-hour single tickets, or get a card valid for 10 trips (called Klippkort in Danish). Don't forget to get your ticket BEFORE boarding public transportation in Copenhagen.

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