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Renting Bicycles in Stockholm, Sweden

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CityBikes - Bike service in Scandinavia

CityBikes - Bike service in Scandinavia

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The Bottom Line

If you have a day or two in Stockholm with good weather, you should consider the eco-friendliest of transportation options in Stockholm. Bicycling is a Scandinavian passion and as the low-cost bike rental service in Stockholm, CityBikes is worth a try.


  • 80+ bicycle parking stations
  • Healthy & eco-friendly form of transportation
  • Cycling is safe and cheap in Stockholm


  • Only open April 1 - October 31.
  • Tighter rules than other Scandinavian cities.
  • Purchasing a card first can be a hassle.


  • Low priced transportation option.
  • Over 1,000 bikes available April through October.
  • City Bikes is a green, eco-friendly form of transportation.

Guide Review - Renting Bicycles in Stockholm, Sweden

Dedicated to ecological transportation alternatives, Stockholm is continually expanding the bicycle rental service CityBike and already has over 1,000 bikes and 80+ parking stations for the bicycles.

If you wish to get one of the bicycles at these stations, you buy a bike card and hold it near the reader at the bike stand. You have 30 seconds to take the bike after which it is locked again for security reasons.

The bike cards can be bought as season cards or 3-day cards. They are available at various hotels and SE Transportation Centers (where you also buy bus and commuter train tickets) in the city of Stockholm. You can find a list here.

Watch the clock, as the loan time per rental is 3 hours - after that, you need to return your bike and get a new one if needed.

CityBike's bike parking stations in Stockholm are to open for lending daily between 6 am - 10 pm from April to October.

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