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The ABBA Museum in Stockholm

The First Official ABBA Museum in Stockholm


The ABBA Museum in Stockholm

ABBA Museum in Stockholm

ABBA Museum in Stockholm
The ABBA Museum in Stockholm is the world's first official ABBA museum and expects to welcome half a million visitors a year. It's located at Djurgårdsvägen 68 in Stockholm.

ABBA fans are going to love the new museum. A location in central Stockholm was found and the construction and set up of the ABBA museum in Stockholm was going well until financial concerns halted the project.

Originally, the official ABBA museum had been scheduled to open in early 2009 (which had been delayed by years) and was referred to as "ABBA the Museum".

In 2011, after several years of financial troubles, the museum building was taken over by another exhibition. The place was to offer museum visitors over 4,000 square meters of interesting ABBA stuff, on three levels. Now, it finally opened.

At the ABBA museum, there is entertainment and exhibitions focusing on the music, clothing and history of the popular Swedish group.

Interactive entertainment plans include a studio where you can create your own ABBA songs, and the unique experience of seeing ABBA live at Wembley Stadium.

The world's biggest ABBA fan shop (Money, Money, Money!) and a cafe in suitable 70s-style are also found here.

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