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Walking Tour: Visiting Stockholm's Djurgården (Djurgarden)


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Heading Toward Djurgården (Djurgarden)
Djurgården (Djurgarden) Tram in Stockholm, Sweden.

Djurgården (Djurgarden) Tram in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Stockholm's Djurgården (english: Game Park) is an island right in the middle of Stockholm, known for its beautiful green spaces, many sights, events, parks, and tourist attractions. Stockholm consists of a number of islands that are linked together by bridges. The island Djurgården is a cultural center and lushly wooded park to which Stockholmers have been flocking for centuries.

The island has more than 10 million visitors each year. The location is perfect for a wonderful walking tour, and also offers other great Things To Do in Stockholm.

For this interesting 2 - 2 1/2 hour walking tour on Djurgården, the starting point is easy to reach: Simply take the Djurgården tram from wherever you are in Stockholm. It will take you directly to Djurgården. Enjoy a ride on one of these old trams (built 1920 - 1950!) as it works its way towards Djurgården island. The timetable may vary slightly but the trams are usually scheduled to go every 12 minutes.

The old-fashioned veteran-style trams are driven by enthusiastic members of the Swedish tram association. It is also possible to reach Djurgården by taking the bus, number 44 or 47, but much less romantic!

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