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Airport Shuttles in Stockholm

Airport Transfers & Shuttle Services in Stockholm


Airport shuttles in Stockholm are bookable online and are a cheap and reliable option among travelers. The shuttle transfer services start at around US$16.50 / £11 / €12. Children under 12 are free.

It's hard enough getting around Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and you'll be glad when you've found the exit. For peace of mind, I recommend that you book your shuttle service to the city once you've bought your plane tickets to Sweden. Don't rely on finding transportation upon your arrival.

1. Airport Shuttle to/from Stockholm Arlanda Airport

This shared airport shuttle service based at Arlanda International Airport departs every 10 minutes, offering fast low-cost transportation to Stockholm's main bus terminals: Jarva Krog, Frosunda, Haga Norra, Haga Forum, Norra stationsgatan, St Eriksplan, and Stockholm City. If you're going directly to your hotel in Stockholm, the free street map of Stockholm lets you find out which stop is closest to your hotel.

Option A: Arlanda Airport Shuttle for Arrivals
Option B: Arlanda Airport Shuttle for Departures

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2. Airport Shuttle to/from Skavsta Airport

A shared airport shuttle service to take travelers from Stockholm directly to Skavsta Airport, which lies about a 1.5 hour drive south-west of Stockholm. The shuttle transfer meets all flights and departs daily from the Stockholm City bus terminal.

Option A: Skavsta Airport Shuttle for Arrivals
Option B: Skavsta Airport Shuttle for Departures

3. Airport Shuttle to Vasteras Airport

This airport shuttle to Vasteras Airport comes in handy especially for travelers without a rental car. In just over an hour, this shuttle bus takes you directly from the Stockholm City bus terminal to Vasteras Airport. Departs twice daily.
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