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Travel Tips for Denmark

Denmark travel information with local events in Denmark, things to do, hotel tips, restaurant and dining reviews, popular Danish attractions for tourists traveling to Denmark.
  1. City: Copenhagen (33)
  2. City: Aarhus (Århus) (9)
  3. Region: Greenland (9)
  4. Region: Faroe Islands (6)
  5. Annual Events in Denmark (25)
  6. Region: Jutland (9)

Country Profile: Denmark
Useful facts and general information visitors should have before traveling to Denmark.

Useful Danish Phrases
Danish words and easy phrases that may come in handy during your vacation in Denmark.

The 10 Best Sights & Attractions in Denmark
It can be hard to pick the best sights and attractions in Denmark, but if you're planning a trip to Denmark and want some advice on must-see sights, start with this list of the top 10 attractions and sights.

Denmark's Weather & Temperatures
Here are the basics for the weather in Denmark. Find out how warm or cold the weather in Denmark can be each month, and which temperatures and weather patterns you can expect...

When to Go to Denmark
See when to go to Denmark and find out which times of the year are best to travel to Denmark. We'll explain the best times to visit and when to go to Denmark.

The Oresund Bridge: The Connection of Denmark & Sweden
The Oresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. Here are practical travel tips, construction facts, and bridge crossing tolls for the Oresund Bridge in Scandinavia...

What Time Is It in Denmark?
What time is it in Denmark? Find out what time it is in Denmark with this helpful travel tip informing you which time zone Denmark is in, and about daylight saving time in Denmark.

Top Beaches in Denmark: Denmark's Best Sandy Beaches
You don't have to look far for great beaches in Denmark - the Danish coastline itself is one long sandy beach. However, there are some popular beaches in Denmark that you definitely shouldn't miss...

How Safe is Denmark?
Denmark is very safe as a country. Travelers definitely don't have to worry about their safety in Denmark and women need not fear any kind of harassment, but there are some things you should know...

Toilets in Denmark - What Can You Expect From Toilets in Denmark?
Need to find a toilet in Denmark during your visit? Keep these toilet tips in mind when you have to "go" in Denmark. What to expect from Danish toilets...

Where is Zealand? What is Zealand?
What is Zealand? Where is Zealand? This helpful travel article shows Denmark travelers where Zealand is, and what Zealand is offering visitors and tourists in Denmark.

The Bornholm Travel Guide
Bornholm Travel Guide: Bornholm attractions, how travelers get to Bornholm, hotel tips, and more...

7 Days in Denmark
Spending 7 days in Denmark? Denmark offers a lot of things to do, so we've created this guide to show you what you could do with seven days in Denmark, starting and ending in Copenhagen...

The Funen Travel Guide (Fyn)
Funen Travel Guide for Funen travelers in Denmark. All about traveling to "Fyn", like Funen attractions, how to get to Funen, and the best hotels on the island.

Customs Regulations & Rules for Denmark Travelers
Customs regulations in Denmark easily explained for both EU and non-EU travelers. Find out which goods are allowed through customs in Denmark, what the Danish duty free limits are, and how to bring your pet to Denmark?

How to Travel to Denmark With a Dog or Cat
About traveling to Denmark with your dog or cat. Find out what you need to do before you travel to Denmark with a dog or cat. Here are the requirements to take cats / dogs to Denmark.

Traveling Healthy in Denmark: Vaccinations & Medical Care
Noone wants to get sick while traveling. Stay healthy in Denmark by learning about required vaccinations for travelers, medical treatment in Denmark, and emergency contacts.

Finding Denmark's Greatest Castles
Denmark is the oldest continuous monarchy in Europe, so it can offer the best castles with lots of royal history in these buildings. A Scandinavia travel tip about castles, palaces, and architecture worthy of kings and queens!

10 Things Not do Do in Denmark
A general understanding about the do's and donts in Denmark definitely comes in handy for any kind of traveler. What's acceptable and what is simply not done in Denmark...

Jobs in Denmark
Jobs in Denmark come with pros and cons. To find a job in Denmark, follow these practical tips and use the recommended sites to find a job in Denmark.

How to Call Denmark
Calling Denmark is easy with these instructions and calling tips for Denmark from anywhere. If you're unsure how to call Denmark by phone, just follow this simple calling guide.

Denmark Visa & Documentation
Before you go, have your visa and documentation questions answered here. Find out if you need a visa and what kind of documentation you may need to enter this Scandinavian country.

Getting Married in Denmark
Are you thinking about getting married in Denmark during your vacation? Feel like eloping? Find out what kind of information and documentation Denmark requires from foreign couples wanting to get married there on their vacation.

Readers' Favorite Places in Denmark
The Best Places to Visit in Denmark: tell us about the best places to visit in Denmark; what are your favorite sights in Denmark, attractions, and landmarks? Share the best things to see and do in Denmark, and find out what other Denmark travelers recommend.

Fanoe Travel Tips from Readers
Submit your Fanoe travel tips, good Fanø attractions or hotels, popular events on Fanoe, and more. Submit your favorite travel tips for Fanø.

Lolland - Visit Lolland
Lolland is the fourth largest island of Denmark. Many visit Lolland each year, and the island has lots to offer.

Danish Embassies in the US, UK & Other Countries
Find your local Danish embassy's address and contact information on this list of Danish embassies worldwide.

Amager: What and Where is Amager?
What and Where is Amager? Important basics about Amager island in Denmark.

Nudism in Denmark
Nudism in Denmark is popular and there are many nude beaches for Danish nudists. Denmark travelers can enjoy clothes-free beaches along the Danish coast. Read more about Danish nudism.

Danish Christmas Traditions & Holiday Customs
How do the Danes celebrate traditional Danish Christmas In Denmark? Prepare for traditions and typical holiday customs on your visit or tour during the time of Danish festivities in the winter travel season.

Tipping in Denmark
Tipping in Denmark is done differently from other countries. In Denmark, tipping is uncommon and if a tip is given it is a small a percentage only. Find out more about tipping in Denmark here.

The Best Cities in Denmark?
Tell us about the best cities in Denmark! What are your favorite cities?

Which Type of Electrical Outlet is Used in Denmark?
Which type of electrical outlet is used in Denmark? What kind of plugs do they use? Find out here if you need a power converter, an adapter, or a transformer to use electrical outlets in Denmark.

The Kingdom of Elleore
Elleore lies off the east coast of Denmark. Find out what's Elleore and where's Elleore.

The Best Cities in Denmark
Denmark has many beautiful and historic cities worth a visit. Travel from city to city in Denmark is quick and easy with several transportation options. Most Danish cities have large pedestrian zones in the city center, great for shopping and enjoying the atmosphere.

Denmark Maps
Link list offering maps, additional information and resources.

The Islands of Denmark
How many islands does Denmark have? Approximately 406 but the number of islands in Denmark changes every few years when small islands are created or eradicated by nature. Here are the largest Danish islands.

Your Favorite Day Trip from Copenhagen
What's your favorite day trip from Copenhagen? See the most popular day trip ideas, and share with other travelers what kind of day trip idea you think is the best day trip from Copenhagen.

Favorite Destinations in Denmark
Show readers your favorite destination in Denmark, see other travelers' favorites, and post an entry about the destinations in Denmark you like best.

How to Save Money in Denmark
How to Save Money in Denmark? Your actual cost when visiting Denmark will depend on when you travel, what you want to do and where you'll stay. Luckily, it is possible to ...

10 Things I Love About Denmark
10 Things I Love About Denmark. In general, the things I just love about Denmark are that 1. Denmark is a cyclist's paradise...

10 Things I Hate About Denmark
10 Things I Hate About Denmark. There is something about the Danes which stirs up their almost non-existent emotions and passions when they hear foreigners criticizing their country...

Marijuana in Denmark
Is Marijuana legal in Denmark? Here are the legalities behind weed in Denmark. Know that any traveler who brings marijuana into the country will be subject to Danish laws.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go to Denmark
Here are the top 5 reasons why NOT to visit Denmark.

Vacation Rentals in Denmark
Vacation rentals in Denmark are a popular way to save on accommodation costs and let you have your own place as a traveler. Vacation rentals in Denmark come with all the utilities except in most cases bed linens.

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