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What Time Is It in Denmark?


Nyhavn Harbor in Copenhagen

Nyhavn Harbor in Copenhagen

T Mapes
Question: What Time Is It in Denmark?
Let's find out what time it is in Denmark, and if/when Denmark changes clocks for Daylight Saving Time...
Answer: Denmark is on Central European Time (CET) which is GMT +1 (one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time), just like the rest of the European Union.

Denmark changes clocks to summer time (Daylight Saving Time) on on the last Sunday in March and goes back to normal time on the last Sunday in October. They follow the European Community by doing so. Thus, in the summer months, clocks in Denmark spring one hour forward, resulting in an official time of GMT +2.

You can easily compare your location to see your time difference to the current time in Denmark:

  • US Eastern Standard Time: Denmark is 6 hours ahead of you.
  • US Central Standard Time: Denmark is 7 hours ahead of you.
  • US Pacific Standard Time: Denmark is 9 hours ahead of you.
  • Japan Standard Time: Denmark is 8 hours behind you.
  • Australia Time/Melbourne: Denmark is 10 hours behind you.

Denmark's Faroe Islands and Greenland are in other time zones due to their location. The Faroe Islands are on GMT/UTC time. Denmark's territory Greenland is on Greenland time.

Denmark, Norway, and Sweden keep the same time in Scandinavia. Major exceptions are Iceland time and time in Finland.

This article is part of the series What Time Is It in Scandinavia? where you can find out about time in other countries as well.

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