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What & Where is Jutland?


Jutland (orange)

Jutland (orange)

Question: What & Where is Jutland?
Where is Jutland? What is Jutland? Denmark travelers should definitely know where the Jutland peninsula in Denmark is, before they travel to their Danish destination. Let's find out what and where Jutland is...
Answer: Jutland is part of Denmark. On the map, it is the large western part of Denmark - the peninsula that borders on Germany in the south. (The island on the right is Zealand.)

Jutland is a large peninsula separating the North Sea from the Baltic Sea. The size of the Danish peninsula is around 11,500 square miles and Jutland has very low elevation.

Jutland is home to approx. 2.5 million Danes. The biggest cities on Jutland are Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Randers, and Kolding.

Travelers in Jutland often enjoy the many amusement parks (e.g. Legoland in Billund), small and large museums, annual events, and the long beaches along the coastline.
Popular activities on this Danish peninsula are windsurfing and cycling - the low, even terrain is perfect for cycling, and nothing stops the windy Danish weather from going across Jutland, which windsurfers always take advantage of.

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