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Where is Zealand? What is Zealand?


Zealand (red)

Zealand (red)

Question: Where is Zealand? What is Zealand?
Ever wondered where Zealand is in Denmark, and what Zealand offers visitors? Let's find out...
Answer: Zealand is part of Denmark. On Denmark maps, Zealand is the smaller part of Denmark: it's the island on the right. It's called "Sjælland" in Danish.

Zealand's largest city is Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark. There, Zealand visitors enjoy a vibrant city atmosphere, interesting sights, and impressive parks. The time zone on Zealand is Central European Time.

Zealand is quite flat and its highest point is only 400 feet (120 meters) above sea level. The lack of mountains makes the island of Zealand great for bicycling and walking. Zealand links Denmark to southern Sweden via the Oresund Bridge. South of Zealand, you find the islands Lolland and Falster.

The western region of Denmark is the peninsula Jutland.

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