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Nightlife in Aarhus


Bar in Aarhus, Denmark

Bar in Aarhus, Denmark


Nightlife in Aarhus:

Aarhus offers one of the best nightlife scenes on Jutland (the western half of Denmark). Clubs and bars in Aarhus are open until at least 2:00 am, many until 5:00 am. Head out to Åboulevarden, the street in Aarhus famous for its nightlife - or read on. Great locations for nightlife in Aarhus are the following local clubs and bars...

Aarhus Club "Train":

Train is Aarhus' answer to hot Scandinavian clubs. Open from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 5:00 am, you'll find this popular nightlife location in a converted warehouse in Aarhus at Toldbodgade 6. There are three levels with different ambiance and music, so every clubber can find something suitable. Minimum age to get in is 23.

Aarhus Club & Bar "Musikcafeen":

The Musikcafeen (Danish for "Music Cafe") is an active venue for music events and nightlife in Aarhus. Musikcafeen is open every weekend from 8:30 pm until around 2:00 am. They host around 120 nightlife events a year. Located at Mejlgade 53 in Aarhus (Aarhus city map).

Herr Bartels Bar in Aarhus:

Herr Bartels Bar in Aarhus boasts having the city's longest bar and best drinks. And I would add that they have a great atmosphere as well. This bar is open Thursday through Saturday from 8:00 pm until 3:00 am. You have to be 20 to get in on Thursdays, and 23 on Fridays and Saturdays but the average age of the crowd is closer to 30. Found at Åboulevarden 46 in Aarhus (Aarhus city map).

The Römer Bar in Aarhus:

The Römer Cafe & Bar in Aarhus is easy to find - the venue is located at Åboulevarden 50, the famous nightlife street. This bar in particular is a popular nightlife joint vibrating with music every weekend. Alcoholic drinks start around DKR 40 here, which isn't a bad price in the expensive nightlife scene in Aarhus.

Aarhus Glazzhuset Club:

Down the street from the Römer Bar, nightlife lovers in Aarhus find the Glazzhuset (glass house) club at Åboulevarden 1. This is a fun place for everyone over thirty. The Glazzhuset consists of several stories with very different styles music. There aren't too many youngsters at this nightlife location.

The Blender in Aarhus:

The Blender is a club in central Aarhus that's quite popular among crowds of gays and lesbians every weekend. This nightlife location spreads out over three stories: the bar and cafe, the lounge area, and the loud dance club basement. Located at Telefonsmøgen 6 in Aarhus (Aarhus city map).
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